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8 Creative Ways to Deal with Stress & Anxiety

Have you hit the mid-January slump?  Are you starting to feel stress and anxiety creep back in after the calm of the holiday break?  Today I want to share some creative ways to deal with stress and anxiety:


1.     Drawing:  You don’t need any fancy materials!  Any paper and any pen or pencil will work.  Draw something in your environment: your desk, your favorite part of your house, or your pet.  Draw something made up:  create a monster to represent your stress or anxiety. 

2.     Get Crafty!  Do you have a DIY project that you have been yearning to start?  Or maybe one that you started but never finished?  Now is the time!  Break out the yarn, beads, or paint and get going!

3.     Photography:  Most of us have phones that have excellent cameras, so you don’t need anything additional for this project.  Go on a scavenger hunt around your home or work and take photos of interesting textures and colors.

4.     Dance:  When is the last time you danced?  Put on your favorite song and dance along.  You can also try to express the song with your movements. 

5.     Poetry:  Writing allows us to dive deep into our thoughts and emotions.  Create a poem.   One of my favorites is the 6-word poem.  Here is an example:

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” – Earnest Hemingway

6.     Make a collage:  You can use images that you cut out of magazines, pictures you print, or different colors of torn paper.  Alternatively, you can create a digital collage on Pinterest or Canva.

7.     Found Object Sculpture:  Gather up objects around home, work, or on a walk.  Use these times (i.e. cardboard, plastic bottles, etc.) to create a sculpture.

8.     Cooking: Yes, cooking is a creative endeavor!  Make a new recipe and plate it in a beautiful way.  Then enjoy your hard work by eating that delicious meal you just made. 


Remember, we are not trying to be “perfect” (because there is no such thing) – we are just trying to enjoy the process and express ourselves.  Most importantly, have fun!!




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