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Mexican Riviera Cruise Vacation Part 1

I just got back from taking a cruise to the Mexican Riviera. We flew into LAX and took a shuttle to the Long Beach Cruise Port. This was our first time to cruise out of Long Beach. It was a long day since we got up at 3:30 am to make it to the airport on time! While at the airport and on the plane I painted this map of our cruise route:

We cruised with Carnival which is “the fun ship!” On the first day, they always have a Sail Away Party where everyone dances on the Lido Deck.

While we were up there watching the festivities, I did some watercolor painting:

Our 2nd and 3rd days were “fun days at sea.” That means we had no stops and enjoyed our time on the ship. I made some decorations for our cabin door and then went and looked at a bunch of other decorated doors!

We also went to a show and watched a movie on the Lido Deck in the evening. And did you know that hiding and finding "cruise ducks" is a thing? We hid our first ducks on this cruise and we found three. Here are the ones we hid:

I hope you enjoyed this peek into our vacation! I will share the rest of the cruise in another post!!

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