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Mexican Reviera Cruise Vacation Art & Souvenirs

I love to art journal as you probably know if you have been following me for a while. So, I took art journal supplies with me on vacation so I could document our trip! Here are some photos of doing art on the trip/completed pieces:

I also wanted to show you the artsy souvenirs that I got on this trip! In Puerto Vallarta I got some watercolor postcards and mixed media paper:

In Mazatlan, I purchased this hand-carved hummingbird to hang on the wall and these earrings that were made from beans!

I also got these two Frida pieces and a journal with a skeleton on it:

The last souvenir that I got was actually from a shop in LAX. It's a Voyager Notebook which is another brand's version of the Traverl's Notebook. The paper is super smooth so I think writing in it is going to be enjoyable.

I normally try to buy stickers, patches, and/or postcards when on a trip, but I didn't see any this time around which I thought was odd. So, I decided to get more art-based things because I can never resist those! What kind of souvenirs do you get when you travel?

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