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Mexican Riviera Cruise Vacation Part 2

I wrote this blog post back in September shortly after this vacation, but for some reason (which I cannot remember) did not publish it. So, here we go, I am publishing it now.

On our 4th day, we landed in Puerto Vallarta! We did a private tour that took us to Jardin Botanico Vallarta and saw a lot of beautiful plants.

The garden also had this really cool cathedral:

We also had lunch at a restaurant that has animals you can feed! Check out this adorable monkey:

The next day we were in Mazatlan. I met up with some other ladies from our sailing’s Facebook group and we walked the blue line. I saw this cool mural and drew it in my art journal:

We also saw the cathedral and the beach then we went to a Boba Tea shop (odd, I know!) and got Pinadas - which is a Pina Colada minus the alcohol.

On the 6th day of the cruise we were supposed to visit Cabo San Lucas, but the weather (an approaching storm) made it unsafe to get off the ship because the port uses tender boats instead of a dock. So, we had another fun day at sea! We spent more time at the pool, I made some more art, and we saw another show after dinner. This day was also my birthday so I got a surprise cake at dinner!

The 7th day was our last fun day at sea. Time flew by too quickly! The next morning we got off the ship, took a shuttle back to LAX, and flew home. I love cruising and I can’t wait until my next one!!

I've got one more blog post in mind for you! It will show you all of the art I created on vacation and also the artsy souvenirs that I got!

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